The HAAS Tyron 2500 gets an upgrade

The HAAS Tyron 2500 2.0 is a powerful, twin-shaft, slow-speed shredder. Renowned in the waste and material processing industries for its versatility, low running costs and ease of maintenance. The Tyron offers a range of tooling configurations, shedding programs and options to customise the machine to specific materials and operational requirements.

The twin shafts are independently driven, which allows them to gain better grip on the input material. It also greatly decreases the occurrence of material wrapping around the shafts and enables the shafts to self-clean. This unique HAAS twin shaft system reduces wear and downtime in comparison to pre-shredders with synchronised shafts.

Being the largest pre-shredder in the HAAS range, it runs a Scania DC16 engine, producing an impressive 770HP. As with the previous generations of the Tyron, the 2500 2.0 boasts impressive throughputs across a range of input material. Depending on the tooling and configuration of the machine, the Tyron 2500 2.0 can shred up to 100tph.

The Tyron comes with three default shredding programs tailored to wood, organic waste, and general waste. There is a fourth bespoke program that can be tailored to suit an operator’s specific material.

HAAS has recently updated the Tyron 2500 to a new generation machine. This upgrade has included a new shredding chamber design, which has increased the efficiency of the machine whilst reducing the amount of wear seen in the shredding chamber.

Another part of this upgrade has seen the addition of foldable side panels, that allow direct ground access to the shredding chamber. Side access mitigates the risk of someone having to enter the shredding chamber for maintenance and hard facing. This also allows for more efficient maintenance, meaning less machine downtime.

HAAS has also improved access to the hydraulic and engine compartment of the machine, making it easier and safer to conduct maintenance and servicing.

Another benefit of the new generation machine is the hydraulically positioned overband magnet, making it safer and quicker for operators to adjust the height of the magnet over the outfeed belt, via the remote control.  

As with all HAAS machinery, the Tyron 2500 2.0 comes equipped with a telematics system. This system is an online platform whereby users can see various data sets from the machinery in real time, allowing for remote diagnostics of potential issues with the shredder, as well as monitoring efficiencies and performance.

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